Mister Wolf

After everything I am no closer to knowing my insides, as much as I know about arteries and nerves. I am just reading the grey matter of my brain and not understanding a single word.

And I am so happy to be here








Most of the time I really do not love Muntean / Rosenblum. I think what they make are these little time capsuals of the present western culture - our obsessions, our fears, our insecurities and our priorities.

But then the whole thing just saddens me.

All these things are so shallow…they may be true, but it leaves me with two things: A small realisation that we are content living like this and an annoyance that their work (for me, at least) glorifies our obsessions, fears and insecurities. And perhaps they do force us to realise how we live in a culture riddled with image, fashion, and appearence, but at the same time, they do nothing to suggest that there is more to our culture, more to life. I’ve always found it very hard to talk about my veiws on art.  So I in no way believe that I am right to say this of their work but it’s just what I’ve personally taken from it…

Woke up to the shit news that I’m 27 tomorrow

“And how about all the hatred and death and wrong and hurting in this world?”

There’s always going to be hatred and death and wrong and hurting. Stuff like that are impossible to change because it’s at the core of the being of the people of this world. And you can’t revolutionize a person the way you can fix up the streets. People have their own minds and they can think of whatever they like. You can’t take away their minds and deny the world a voice. So you can`t change the way someone feels. If that kid wants to poke that cat with a stick. That kid will. Because he feels it. And there aren`t any laws that can change that. If he wants to, real bad, then he will. Because in the end there is only him and if we change this world, everything will change.

Circa 1950`s film music always makes me feel ill. Like pins and needles in my brain.

Little baby pain

Everything that exists here for me
exists because your eyes and ears nose mouth skin lets it exist
and when you aren’t here  there is a little part of me not here too
do you know what I mean?

this isn’t about love or someone or anyone
this is about everyone
I`m here because you are and together we are everything
(or maybe nothing)
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

I can`t be arsed with my brain today

Larry Clark

Larry Clark is in-fucking-sane. I`ve been for the past 3 days looking through all his stuff again and he is just a GOD. I can’t even do him justice. Boy took me to go and have a look at one of his books in the library in London once and they kept it in a room in the back incase it offended people and we weren’t allowed to take it out of the library, but it was sooo worth it.

go watch kids NOW.
then ken park.
then wassup rockers.
and then bully

don’t even bother sleeping.